Saturday, May 22, 2010

PTC Referrals

PTC Referrals is a downline building programs for paid to click sites I found in the net. It uses an extremely unique referral building system. There are no links or banner ads to click to earn credits. I plainly signup for the free program, there is absolutely no purchase required for this service.
After I created my account, I was able to access to their data base, listed on the data base are the paid to click programs that PTC Referrals supports.
I can sign-up for the programs I am not a member of, but I skip this process, I go straight to building referrals I was already a member like Neobux and Incrasebux, I just enter my userID. 
After this, I updated my program info into my account details with my referral links to the programs I currently a member of.
I was given two referral links. One is my consolidated single referral link to the PTC Referral site. When users join with that link they will see my referral IDs in the program database to all of my programs. This way I only need to promote one link. I will also get FREE, unlimited link flow-through. This continues throughout all tier levels, meaning that my referral ID will be traced through my own direct downline and my downline’s downlines. The second referral link is for my replicated site. This will showcase all the programs I belong to with my referral IDs.
PTC Referrals uses an automatic script designed to keep constant track of every click-through associated with my referral ID. The system traces referrals forever, as long as your referral ID is still included in link. This means that even if one year from sign-up, someone clicks-through on one of your links, you will still receive credit.


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