Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free Website Submission

I am looking for more ways to increase my traffic. I found out this two website submission. It's easy to submit, just a few clicks and my blog was submitted to the following engines:
GoogleGheto Search
FeedPlexWeb Squash
AnooxScrub the Web
BurfBig Finder
Fyber SearchExact Seek
Info TigerFocus Look
EntirewebTower Search
Mix CatSearch Sight
e-Site SecretsWhat u Seek

Want to try? Just click the following. Its FREE.
2. Submit Express
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Got rid of my top bar

When I surf, I noticed that most of the modified templates used by bloggers didn’t have that Top Blogger Bar. So, I thought of getting rid of my navigational banner (navbar).  I got a little research today how I will remove my top bar. 
And I did. I just add this code before the body tag. "#navbariframe{height:0px;visibility:hidden;display:none}".

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Been Paid by Trekpay


Just got my $5.59 from Trekpay! Trekpay is another PTC site I trust.  It has different concept. Their earnings system is based on credits I acquired. Each ad I click will give me credit - either 3 credits or 1 credit. There is no set monetary value on the clicks.   
TrekPay is a revenue share program, so revenue generated is shared among the credits. The more credits I gained the more money I will make. I can also get credits by referring other members to Trek Pay. Payments are done weekly (between Tuesday and Thursday) and once $5.50 has been accumulated, I can request a payout
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Got 2,000 page views, cheers to my TEs

After 3 months, my blog got more than 2,000 page views!  I am a newbie in this blogging world; I don’t know that I have to build traffic to my blog. What I knew is creating a blog will help. 
Last March or April, I joined paid to write sites and ad networks but I was rejected because my blog has no traffic.  So, I searched… what is traffic, how will I get traffic to my blog. One of the answers is joining Traffic Exchange (TE) sites to get the traffic I need. So far, I am using  three TEs and I am delighted of its excellent performance. 
I first joined Traffic Swarm because it has positive reviews from its users. It is a free traffic system where I visit other user's websites to generate traffic to my blog. It's easy to setup and start generating hits within just a couple of minutes.
After a couple of weeks, I joined EasyHits4U.  EasyHits4U allows building traffic to my blog in just a few minutes a day.  It provides a very decent 1:1 surfing ratio, for every site I view, I received one credit. These credits can then be assigned to my listed websites or banners. What I liked more is that EasyHits4U Pays its members, for every 1,000 viewed sites I will be paid $0.30.
And recently I joined Sweeva. Sweeva is different, it is using “social browsing” concept. The idea is that all active members are viewing the same pages at the same time, and can then leave comments about the site they are viewing. So far, I got positive feedback and earning credits. I highly recommend my TEs, a great help for the traffic I need. 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E-Mail from Shvoong

Yesterday, I got this e-mail from Shvoong,  
    “Wow! Your abstract has already been viewed by 100 people!
     This means they like you. Keep up the good work…”

I was very delighted reading their post. Motivated by the letter, I submitted another review for Shvoong. Please click below to read my article.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make Money with Bukisa

Bukisa is a place where you can share your knowledge with others and get paid when others use it.
The Bukisa website is very clean and content submission is very easy. The work flow makes a lot of sense and the ads on the pages are not overly jarring or distracting. You can add tags to your content or let the system automatically generate tags based on your content.
Bukisa allows the submission of a variety of content including text articles, presentation slides, videos, and audio. The content has to be in English and be educational and informative in nature.
Read my first article: Food Myths: Eat this, Not that…
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Linkbucks: Get Paid to Link

I first encounter Linkbucks on some of the sites I visit in the net.  Then I searched what Linkbucks is. Most of the write ups I read say that Linkbucks is a great online money making website.
Here’s its concept, create a link and Linkbucks will pay when somebody clicks on the link created.
To prove and experience its concept,  I joined Linkbucks. I found out that it is easy to use, I create a paying link, and then I paste the code on my blog and forums I joined in. I will earn when my site visitors click a link, and wait for their low $5 pay-out.
Well, with any luck Linkbucks will work for me.
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