Friday, July 2, 2010

New free advertising to try

Surfing the net, I got interested in this Sweeva splash page WeAllPromote. I immediately visit the site, convinced of the terms and conditions, tempted to try so I sign-up.

What convinced me? 
First, WeAllPromote will help me promote my links! 
The site stated, “While all our members are all promoting their referral links and trying to earn cash, they are also promoting all members entered referral links in rotation! All links submitted by members are put onto a list, each time a member shows their referral link, and the next member’s site is shown! So the entire membership is helping one another promote all each others referral links to all sorts of programs! Who knows where your link will end up! Your links will be advertised in places you never even heard of! So by joining our program, each and every member will then be promoting your links for you!”
And secondly, I will earn monthly cash from WeAllPromote
Even if I join as free member, I will earn cash. How much I will earn depends on my advertising work. 
Well, I had to advertise harder to earn from this site.

Want to try also? Click the banner.


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